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We have been working as Hamburg Tea Agents on behalf of our worldwide buyers to guarantee, organise, process and streamline their tea procurement since 1907. The provision of market developments, weather situations, political circumstances, general market assessments and the advising to other possibly interesting origins or purchase opportunities are part of our everyday life.

As an agency, Schroeder & Hamann, has no stocks and always acts on behalf of the respective buyer or seller.

In addition, it is our task to provide professional advice to tea producers and exporters, to achieve quality improvements, to arrange for extensive and selected sampling in a comprehensive and cost-efficient manner, to combine shipments in a safe and favourable manner, so that both sellers and buyers can enjoy considerable advantages in business transactions as well as potential savings on purchases arranged through our agency.



We support both buyers and sellers in making today's stream of sustainability and organic certifications etc. more convenient, accessible and conformative to the guidelines. This is achieved through our professional processes and our organised portfolio of documents that are always readily available.

Through constant trips to the areas of origin, we ensure that all businesses run smoothly now and in the future. We have excellent connections with our producers, some of which we have worked closely with for generations.

We know exactly where the most suitable goods are available, no matter what price range our buyers are looking for. We often organise visits to the countries of origin as well as the tea plantations for our buyers or their buyers. We put together efficient, well-planned and carefully structured trips, sometimes together with a representative of our company, if requested



Schroeder & Hamann GmbH & Co. KG acts as a contact for all tea origins and is therefore the helpful mediator to shift the hectic day-to-day business and still ensure better access to all possible suppliers than when dealing with directly.

Our buyers are typically importers & exporters, wholesalers, franchisees, tea packers, mail order companies and also large retailers.

On behalf of our suppliers and our buyers, we are also involved in arbitration in the rare event of a disagreement. We have been carrying out this task reliably, fairly and conscientiously for decades to the complete satisfaction of all parties


Our business traditionally works on a sample basis or on the quotation of the known standards as well as on the prices of the weekly auctions in the respective countries of origin. We have neither a catalogue nor standardised article numbers.

The prices of the transactions concluded with us are usually based on the INCOTERMS (current version) CFR (Cost and Freight) & port of destination. This means that the supplier has to pay the costs and freight to the port of destination for sea freight shipment. The buyer pays the additional costs and insurance. For other forms of shipment, other INCOTERMS such as FOB, CPT (e.g. for air freight) or DAP may apply.

The agreed sales prices are always the net prices. The buyers do not have to pay any further costs or fees to us. We either receive our commission from the seller, as per agreement, or it is already included in the sales price agreed upon with us.




We are pleased to refer to our general agency terms and conditions (GAC).
On the basis of individual contractual freedom, other agreements can come into effect after consultation.

We typically sell a lot, a so-called invoice, or a batch as a minimum quantity in the high-quality range, which often corresponds to approx. 100 to 1,000 kg depending on the origin and the leaf grading. In a few exceptional cases, smaller tranches are also traded. The shipment is then usually LCL (Less than Container Load). In the standardised or auction business, most origins insist on shipments of at least one 20' or 40' container (FCL); LCL shipment is also possible here with some producers, by arrangement.

Schroeder & Hamann trades in genuine tea, which means Camellia Sinensis var. Sinensis with its varieties Camellia Assamica, Camellia Cambodiensis (sub. Lasiocalix), Camellia Pubilimba and Camellia Dehungensis

We look forward to your initial inquiry or your contact.

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